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Well Woman Yoga for Menopause Monthly

Our Well Woman Yoga with Luisa covers the journey of menopausal women as they transition through peri menopause to post menopause. Peri menopause is anything from ten years before menopause starts; as menopause is actually only classed as one day, after which you move in to the post menopausal phase.

Well woman yoga is designed to support women throughout all of their cycles of life, it empowers women to take charge of their wellbeing with simple and effective tools. 

Sessions can help to manage the fluctuation of hormones during menopause, helping to meet the needs of each individual woman with empathy, understanding and love while they move through their life transformations.

Our aim is to create a space to be, rather than do. The classes are calm & gentle, offering lots of variations, so you can work at your own level. Each of our bodies are made differently and have lived different lives, so this class will be a safe space for women of all ages and walks of life to come together, breathe, stretch, relax and share, but most of all to empower women.

There will be space and time for tea and cake after the session!

Every second Saturday of the month at 11:00 am:

- 9th April 2022

- 14th May 2022

- 11th June 2022

- 9th July 2022 and more

Price: £12 per session or use credits from your regular Class Pass.