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Interested in join our teacher training course? Why not join us for our open day on Saturday 2nd of October at 10.30-1.30. Book Your Space here

Why choose Metta yoga teacher training at The Rocci Tree? 

We cover yoga from the roots to the canopy. Our modules contain everything you need to become a confident and safe yoga teacher.

Here at The Rocci Tree, we believe that a great yoga teacher should be able to share their love and knowledge of yoga with everybody, no matter the size of their trunk, the length of the branches, whether our students are saplings or ancient oaks.

Our intention is to encourage you to share this wonderful world of wellness with others, giving you the confidence and ability to become an amazing teacher who will continue to share this knowledge with kindness and attention to detail with everyone who has the courage to come to your class.

Our aim for this course is to build your knowledge and understanding of classic and modern yoga practices, giving you the tools and self-confidence to start running yoga classes as soon as you graduate.

We appreciate the time and money needed to dedicate to teacher training and that we all absorb knowledge differently. This is why we offer two different ways to train and a variety of payment plans.

Our in-depth course will allow you to discover and understand the body, mind, and yoga including

  • Anatomy and Physiology, inside and out.

  • Asana

  • Pranayama

  • Philosophy

  • Meditation/Mindfulness

  • Mudra’s

  • Bandha’s

  • Chakras

  • History of Yoga

  • First Aid training


We will give you a great grounding in teaching classes and 121’s, using verbal cues, adjustments, and props. As well as giving you the tools to set up and run a successful yoga teaching business.

Once completed you will become a yoga alliance accredited 200 hours Yoga Teacher, ready and raring to start teaching your own classes or 121’s.

There are two ways to complete our teacher training.

Option 1 - Best of Both. This is a combination of modules completed on a Sunday at our Studio and on Retreat. This is a faster more intensive way to train.

Option 2 - Sundays at The Studio. All modules will be completed at the studio. Sessions happen on a Sunday from 9-2 pm, Each module takes 6 weeks to complete. 

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