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WednesdaYS 10am - 11am


Our next 5-week courses:


  • 5th June - 3rd July 2024



Click here to see our other Parent & Baby Courses.   

These classes are suitable for babies aged 8 weeks up to when they start crawling.

Come along and learn fun, interactive techniques to help baby develop their balance, strength, and coordination!

Baby yoga stretches and stimulates baby whilst teaching you how to be really confident in assisting them into yoga postures.

The class incorporates a lot of interaction and play, essential for bonding and communication. Yoga is also really helpful for wind, colic, and digestive issues.

As well as being great for baby, Helen teaches relaxation techniques and simple yoga moves for you during the class.

Helen is an expert in bodywork and has specifically chosen mum moves which will help you as you progress into motherhood.

Please wear comfortable clothes as we will be sitting on the floor and doing a few ‘mum moves’.

Baby should be in a comfortable footless garment.

If you are joining us for the first time, please fill in one of our health questionnaires.


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