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Meditation Class
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Starting in December 2022 our Sunday Best Yoga will be a pay what you can class.

This means that you can either use one of your usual class passes or payment methods,

or you can pay what you can afford. (minimum payment - £1, regular price In Studio - £12 and Online - £10)

The Forster Institute, where The Rocci Tree Studio is located, has always been a space for the local community.

When the property was handed over to the trustees for use of the parish Mrs Forster said she hoped that the building would serve to promote the improvement and social welfare of the parishioners.

We would like to honour this gift and wish for the community, by making this class more available to all.

Join us In Studio or Online where each week our teachers take turns to run this class.

It could be Harmonize your Qi energy with Lucy, Breathe & Balance with Mary, Pause and be curious about your body&mind&breath  with Angela, or Yin & Yang with Natasha.

Check our timetable below to book and see who will be teaching each week.

Please note that this may be subject to change.

Connect to your body and learn to listen inwardly with Sally-Ann

Classes are light-hearted, enabling and calm. They encourage freedom, the confidence to listen inwardly and to do only what feels right that day. Balance, breath and experimentation are a recurring focus.

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Breathe and BALANCE with mary
second sunday of the month

Mary’s Sunday Best is a chance to breathe & balance your energy. A time for some important self-care where you can tune in to yourself, reset & let go of your week ready for whatever lies ahead. Learning how to breathe better & synchronise your breath with movement will be a big part of this class. With a focus on listening to ourselves & freeing up the energy channels around the body we will aim to bring harmony back into to all our systems.

Pause and notice, be curious about your body, mind and breath with Angela

third sunday of the

The perfect way to refresh, restore and wake your body and mind after your week.
This class will boost your mood using fluid movement to build strength and flexibility, finishing with soothing breathwork and meditation,


YIN and yang yoga with natasha
fourth sunday of the month

This amazing combination of active and strengthening Rocket Yoga and slow and deep stretching Yin Yoga will leave your body stronger and energised, as well as deeply stretched, and your mind floating in the clouds! 

fifth sunday of the month
guess who will be teaching? :)

When there is a fifth Sunday in the month your teacher could be any of The Rocci Tree Team. Please check our timetable to see who it is.

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