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7.30 aM - 8.30 AM

A perfectly balanced mid-week class that focuses on building strength, mobility and balance. This class incorporates breath work with fluid movement to leave you feeling calm and recharged.

6.00 PM - 7.30 pm


 A dynamic flow created by synchronizing the breath with a specific series of postures produces intense internal heat.  The result is improved circulation, a light, and strong body, and a calm mind.

Pregnancy Yoga Drop-in (2).png

6.00 PM - 7.30 PM

Our classes are suitable for anyone at least 14 weeks into their pregnancy and will be a comforting, relaxing, and possibly educational addition to your amazing journey.

Pilates (1).png

6.00 PM - 7.00 PM

Pilates is particularly beneficial for the prevention and rehabilitation of back injuries, as it retrains the deep abdominal and spinal muscles. Pilates pays a lot of attention to the deep abdominal corset of muscles.


9.45 AM - 11.15 AM

This session is made to create reliable, gradual progression in balance, strength, and stability. The session will include relaxation techniques and breathing practices to create a sense of wellbeing and joy.


7.30 PM - 9.00 pm

Rocci uses a mix of modern scientifically proven exercises and classical yoga poses to help improve balance, stability, and focus. 

Tai Chi (2).png

7.30 PM - 8.30 pm

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that is nowadays practised as a graceful form of exercise. It involves a series of gentle movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by breathing that create harmony between the mind and body.​

Tai chi helps reduce stress and anxiety. And it also helps increase flexibility and balance.


8.00 PM - 9.30 pm

Yin yoga - is slow and passive in style. Poses are held for longer periods of time to access deep connective tissues of the body, providing nourishment and circulation for the joints & fascia, increasing flexibility

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6.45 pM - 7.45 pm

Pause midweek to release and create space. We offer: thoughtful movement to brighten your mood and lift energy levels, pranayama (breathing practice) to support mental wellbeing, and Yoga Nidra to leave you with a sense of wholeness.


7.30 pM - 9.00 pm

Find the perfect balance between effort and ease as we connect body and breath in this sustainable practice. 

Slowing your flow means that you have more time to get the poses right and adapt them to suit your level.


8.00 pM - 9.30 pm

This class is a great place to start yoga, recover from an injury, or to de-stress from everyday being. With space to move, breathe, focus and play with different poses; you will help build awareness of your body, the yoga postures, and how you can use it to carry you through life.


10.00 AM - 11.30 am

 A dynamic flow created by synchronizing the breath with a specific series of postures produces intense internal heat. The result is improved circulation, a light, and strong body, and a calm mind.

Relaxed Flow with photo.png

9.30 AM - 11.00 AM

Settle in to your weekend and release your week with our relaxed flow class; calming fluid movement will boost your mood whilst building strength and flexibility, finishing with soothing breathwork and meditation to leave you settled and at peace.


1st Sunday of the month

2nd Sunday of the month

3rd Sunday of the month

4th Sunday of the month

9.30 am - 11.00 
Pay what you can

Join us each Sunday to enjoy the best of our classes. Each week our teachers take turns to run this class. It could be a Restorative class with Rocci, Revive and relax with Mary or you could let Natasha bring you back into balance and vitality with Yin Yoga. Check our timetable for who will be teaching each week.

'If you're looking for happiness, look no further - it's already inside you, and there are plenty of ways to uncover it on and off the yoga mat.'

Connect to your body and learn to listen inwardly with Sally-Ann

Classes are light-hearted, enabling and calm. They encourage freedom, the confidence to listen inwardly and to do only what feels right that day. Balance, breath and experimentation are a recurring focus.

Breathe and Balance with Mary

Mary’s Sunday Best is a chance to breathe & balance your energy. A time for some important self-care where you can tune in to yourself, reset & let go of your week ready for whatever lies ahead. Learning how to breathe better & synchronise your breath with movement will be a big part of this class. With a focus on listening to ourselves & freeing up the energy channels around the body we will aim to bring harmony back into to all our systems.

Pause and notice, be curious about your body, mind and breath with Angela

The perfect way to refresh, restore and wake your body and mind after your week.
This class will boost your mood using fluid movement to build strength and flexibility, finishing with soothing breathwork and meditation.

Yin and yang yoga with Natasha

This amazing combination of active and strengthening Rocket Yoga and slow and deep stretching Yin Yoga will leave your body stronger and energised, as well as deeply stretched, and your mind floating in the clouds! 

5th Sunday of the month

guess who will be teaching? :)

When there is a fifth Sunday in the month your teacher could be any of The Rocci Tree Team. Please check our timetable to see who it is.

Please note a 2 hour Weekly class cancellation policy is in place. If you cancel your space 2hr+ before the start of a class, your class credit will automatically be returned to your account. If you cancel with less than 2 hour before the start of the class your credit will be retained by The Rocci Tree.

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