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Prenatal Portrait




Our brand new 4-week course:

  • Please contact us for more information or check back soon.

Our hope for this brand new course is to give couples who are expecting a baby the tools to use before, during and after the once in a lifetime experience of birth.

Leanne, Rachel and Rocci are all passionate about their expertise in the field of pregnancy and birth and we know there are so many useful evidenced based practises that couple can use to create the best experience whatever their journey of pregnancy, birth and parenthood brings.

We also understand that when baby has arrived there can be anxiety around looking after them in case of accidents/emergencies. The First Aid Guy - Guy Venner, is a qualified first aid trainer and guide you through a First Aid for Parents session.

Week 1 - Hypnobirthing with Leanne

Quite simply, Hypnobirthing is using mind over matter before and during birth to encourage a calm and easier labour. It gives parents the tools to achieve the best birth possible for them, however that may be.

Birth is as instinctive as breathing, but if anxiety and fear are present, our natural instinct is switched off and stress takes over.

Week 2 - Massage with Rachel

Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of massage to reduce stress and relieve muscle tension.  Research into ante-natal massage has demonstrated that massage can relieve muscle aches and joint pains and can even improve labour outcomes.  

Week 3 - Partner Yoga with Rocci

Rocci will guide you through a gentle practise that includes breathing practises, movements to bring comfort to Mum's during pregnancy and birth and a deep relaxation for both parents - helping to connect with each other and the life growing within.

Week 4 - First Aid for Parents with Guy

Our fully interactive First Aid session is essential for new and experienced parents with our qualified first aid trainer. 

The workshop is designed to help you prepare for common accidents and incidents. We will cover:
- Choking and CPR
- Febrile convulsions 
- Bleeding and fractures
- Head bumps
- Burns
- Meningitis awareness​

Thursdays 7 PM - 8:30 PM
Downstairs Studio at the Forster Institute

Price for 4 weeks: £120 per couple


If you are joining us for the first time, please fill in one of our health questionnaires.

Image by Isaac Quesada

Meet The Team


Rachel Fawcett

I am a Pregnancy Massage Therapist as well as a Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapist based in Leighton Buzzard.


After taking some time out from the workplace to have my two boys, I requalified as a Soft Tissue Therapist to allow me to combine my love of sport with massaging and rehabilitating others.  Soon after, I added Pregnancy Massage to my list of qualifications to ensure that I was able to treat pre-partum clients; those looking to keep going with sport throughout their pregnancies as well as those who would like to enjoy all of the benefits of pregnancy massage to relax and cope with their changing bodies. 


Massage can help to boost the hormones serotonin and dopamine as well as reduce the stress hormone cortisol; beneficial both in pregnancy and during labour.  In addition, it is great for reducing back, hip and leg pain as well as leg swelling. 

I am accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists.


Leanne Lawrence

Leanne found Hypnobirthing when she was pregnant with her children and used it for both her births.  She felt saddened that so many parents-to-be feel so frightened of birth and see it as something they need to get through in order to get their baby.  So she retrained as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner in 2014.


With a science background, she saw the logic behind Hypnobirthing and understanding the mind body connection.  She focuses heavily on understanding birth anatomy and physiology, so that parents can work with their body, rather than against it.


Her classes are not just aimed at drug-free pool births.  Leanne has supported many parents through caesarean births, epidural births and induced labours to facilitate a more positive birth experience.


Both her Hypnobirthing and Antenatal classes focus on a healthy dose of reality.  “We cannot make promises where birth is concerned, we can only play the hand we are dealt and try to stack the odds in our favour ”.  She truly believes education and birth preparation make a difference.

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Rocci Pearson

Rocci fell in love with yoga over 25 years ago. Since then, she has trained with Ruth White, Gary Carter, and Francoise Freedman.  

She believes strongly that yoga can and is holistic and therapeutic. We, as yoga teachers, are considered bodyworkers but yoga works on so much more than the body, it works with the nervous system, mental health, and the balance system. 

Rocci’s passion is within women’s health including pregnancy, postnatal and perimenopause. She has seen and felt how much yoga can improve these periods of life and help us deal with the changes they bring, again both mentally and physically but also emotionally. Her training with Birthlight founder Francoise Freedman has given her the knowledge and insight to improve symptoms of issues such as Pelvic health, support for Breast cancer treatment. She is constantly updating her knowledge in all things yoga.



I've been a First Aid Instructor for nearly two decades during which time I've taught Ofqual - Regulated courses to over 3,00 people, many whom have gone on to save lives.

How I teach

Fundamental to my values as a first aid trainer is treating every single student as an individual. My learners are often surprised when within five minutes of a course starting I’ve memorised everyone’s names – and I don’t forget them (you can test me!) I listen attentively to everyone’s questions and answer them carefully and I love to hear students’ anecdotes, which are a great learning experience for me too. I’ll use interactive teaching techniques, not loads of PowerPoint, to keep everyone engaged and make sure they retain as much information as possible.

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