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FOUNDER and class teacher

Rocci fell in love with yoga over 25 years ago when her mum bought home the Geri Halliwell yoga dvd, which included doing a headstand. Since then, she has trained with Ruth White, Gary Carter, and Francoise Freedman.  


Rocci’s style of teaching has evolved over this time, moving from the very strict Iyengar yoga into a gentler therapeutic style of yoga she calls Metta or kindness yoga. She believes strongly that yoga can and is holistic and therapeutic. We, as yoga teachers, are considered bodyworkers but yoga works on so much more than the body, it works with the nervous system, mental health, and the balance system. By using technics in meditation, mindfulness and breathwork we work with the body as a whole rather than just on muscles and ligaments. 


Rocci’s passion is within women’s health including pregnancy, postnatal and perimenopause. She has seen and felt how much yoga can improve these periods of life and help us deal with the changes they bring, again both mentally and physically but also emotionally. Her training with Birthlight founder Francoise Freedman has given her the knowledge and insight to improve symptoms of issues such as Pelvic health, support for Breast cancer treatment. She is constantly updating her knowledge in all things yoga and brings something different to class each week.

Rocci leads our Calm and Considerate, Smooth and Steady classes as well as our Pregnancy yoga drop-in sessions, Pregnancy yoga course and Yoga for Mum's. Rocci also leads our Yoga Teacher Training course. 

To book sessions with Rocci please follow this link  and filter by teacher.

Learn more about our Yoga Teacher Training here

Natasha Taylor - Komar
Class Teacher

Natasha is Russian, born in a multicultural family. Even though her Yoga Journey started in 2008 in Moscow, Yoga revealed
itself to Natasha many years before in different forms.

She has had an active lifestyle since she was a young girl, doing Acrobatics and Dance. Later in life, she tested herself in learning and performing as a “Mannequin Statue – Alive doll” artist.

Natasha studied Science and Teaching methodology for 5 years and after that took an extra year of the Psychology course. She is fascinated by the human body and the mind, constantly working on expanding her knowledge about it.

Practicing Iyengar and Iyengar based yoga for 6 years helped Natasha to understand alignments of the postures and how to perform them safely.

Having experienced the benefits of yoga, Natasha wanted to share it. As a result, in 2016 she completed 200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa & Rocket Yoga Teacher Training with the introduction of Yin Yoga with The Yoga People in London. Inspired and empowered, Natasha has started teaching as soon as she finished her training.

In 2019 Natasha deepened her knowledge of Yoga by taking 50 hours “Yin Yoga and Elements” Teacher Training with the same Yoga school in London.

Natasha is very passionate about Yoga. For her, it is a way to learn about herself and to connect with inner wisdom, a way to keep body, mind & spirit healthy and tuned.

She wants to inspire people to discover and experience the different sides of yoga, to help them to improve their health and wellbeing.
Yoga is a philosophy, which Natasha is learning to live by.

To book sessions with Natasha please follow this link  and filter by teacher.

Helen Coleman
Class Teacher

Helen qualified as a massage therapist over 5 years ago and has been fascinated by the mechanics and movement of the human body ever since. As a mother, her life experiences and interests naturally led her to study pregnancy massage then baby massage and most recently baby yoga. She also runs the homebirth support group for Leighton Buzzard and a mobile massage business, ‘Bodysoul Massage’. Helen is passionate about empowering women through pregnancy, birth and parenthood to realize their own capabilities.

Helen was introduced to yoga in her late teens by her stepmother, a dancer, and has practiced it to maintain physical and mental strength ever since. The opportunity to combine this love of yoga with the knowledge she has gained through her massage practice is very exciting and will hopefully allow her to share her knowledge and passions to help new parents in adjusting to their crazy new lives!

To book sessions with Helen please follow this link  and filter by teacher.

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Ian Jackson
Class Teacher

Ian has been involved in Martial Arts since his 20s and moving to Taiji in the mid-1990s was an understandable transition due to the related history of Martial Arts and Taiji. However, Ian’s overall perspective of Taiji purely for martial purposes soon changed as the wonders of the internal aspects of the art became apparent to him. So it became a lifelong focus, leading him into other aspects of Chinese internal arts such as Qigong. Because of moving around a great deal for work, Ian was fortunate to look at a number of styles of Taiji. He eventually settled back into the system he started with, which was handed down by Master Huang, a student of master Chen Man Ching (these lineage figures are very important in the Taiji world). The form and exercise from the Master Huang system are now Ian’s focus, although his involvement in other styles has helped him to have a greater understanding of what authentic Taiji actually is. Ian still considers himself a student, but also says that every good teacher he has ever been with labels themselves the same. Ian feels that this is because Taiji is infinite in nature, however, as stated in the Chinese classics, “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. 

To book sessions with Ian please follow this link  and filter by teacher.

Mary Williams
Class Teacher

Mary has been practising yoga for many years and having been a regular in Rocci’s classes she was delighted to be part of the first group of teachers trained at The Rocci Tree.

Mary’s yoga style is multifaceted, she believes variety & adaptability are very important.

Due to her reiki training she is very interested in our energy system & the Chakras; and as an experienced kids yoga teacher she is always keen to use her creativity & bring a musical twist into her yoga for all ages.

Her aim is to create classes that have a friendly atmosphere where everyone can be whatever they need to be. Mary hopes that in her classes you will have time to reset yourself, breathe & most importantly… smile!

To book adults and kids sessions with Mary please follow this link  and filter by teacher.

Holly Dooley

Holly trained as a Pilates instructor in 2016, gaining a Level 3 Specialist Diploma with Future Fit Training, London. Following her career as a professional dancer where Pilates was a fundamental part of her training, becoming an instructor was a natural progression.

Holly is passionate about helping others to strengthen their core and improve their posture. This will enable them to develop a technique that builds a healthy, strong spine, which could help to reduce the chance of back pain and injury in the future.

After her own health difficulties in recent years, Holly found Pilates has given her strength both physically and mentally, helping her to find a sense of calm and wellbeing, through challenging times.

To book sessions with Carlene please follow this link  and filter by teacher.

JYOTI Burchell
Class Teacher

Jyoti has always been highly driven and had a varied and successful career. During Covid, her mindset changed and made her realise that she needed to spend more time with her young daughter and family so she I decided to leave her corporate role and retrain.

Jyoti began yoga teacher training under the Rocci tree, which is something she had been considering for some time.  She took that leap of faith and resigned from her office job to start the training, saying to her husband “If not now, then when”. 

The course provided her with in-depth knowledge of yoga poses and how it can be adapted for anyone, and this is what Jyoti would love to share with you no matter your own level or experience.

Come and join her yoga class to share and enjoy “my personal time on the mat”.

To book sessions with Jyoti please follow this link  and filter by teacher.

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Class Teacher

Lucy is incredibly passionate about qigong and is delighted to be able to share the ways this practice can support others. 

She fell in love with qigong after experiencing its' remarkable, multi-faceted benefits. Lucy feels that it’s a pleasure to practice qigong and it always leaves you feeling calm and energised.  As a busy Mum of two, Lucy says that Qigong is the perfect antidote to modern day life and feels that her qigong journey so far has been transformational emotionally, mentally and physically.  

This ancient Chinese healing practice came into Lucy's life at a time of great sadness, challenge and change.  It has helped her so much more than she could have imagined and shown her that something really beautiful can grow from the hardest of times.

To book sessions with Lucy please follow this link.

Class Teacher

Angela has been a regular at the Rocci Tree for many years, trying out different styles, different teachers, learning new ideas and enjoying its wonderful sense of community.

Her practice has evolved as she has needed different things, from individual yoga, pregnancy classes to whole family yoga. Sharing her enjoyment with her family, her practice continues to grow as she has gained confidence and knowledge in yoga from within herself both on and off the yoga mat.

Training at the Rocci Tree was a natural progression, helping her to find her inner, yoga voice. Angela came to realise the importance of similing through poses and adapting yoga practice for everybody; being kind to yourself is an act of self-care

As Angela says, "Yoga has been with me, by myside throughout many years and many life changes, a constant companion." She is looking forward to the opportunity to pass on her knowledge to others and encourage their journey.

To book sessions with Angela please follow this link  and filter by teacher.

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Luisa Cullen
Class Teacher

Luisa's path to discover yoga was through a particularly difficult period of her life, both physically and mentally. After attending her first class, Luisa felt a sense of calm and peace that she has been desperately seeking and felt like she was coming home.
When Rocci announced that she was running a yoga teacher training course, Luisa knew this was her continuation of her path.
Yoga has helped Luisa through so many difficult times, now she feels it is her time to pass this gift on to others.
Luisa's classes are a safe space for all.

To book sessions with Luisa please follow this link  and filter by teacher.

Sara La Rocca
Class Teacher

Sara started practicing yoga in university to help her with better posture and managing stress. After graduating she started practicing regularly, which had such a positive physical and mental impact on her life that she eventually decided to train as a teacher in order to share the beauty of yoga with others.

She has been teaching for over 4 years and has developed a teaching style which aims to leave you feeling strong, balanced and calm. Sara is passionate about creating an accessible yoga experience by encouraging her students to develop body and inner-awareness through carefully sequenced yoga flows. You can expect a class that is dynamic, focusing on building strength, mobility and balance.

Sara believes the beauty of yoga is that it feels different and evolves every time you step on the mat. She can’t wait to share this love of yoga and wellbeing with you.

To book sessions with Luisa please follow this link  and filter by teacher.

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Sally-Anne Imeme
Class Teacher

Sally-Anne found yoga after a period of ill-health. Her initial intention was to improve general fitness, knees and balance. Now, after almost 10 years, yoga has led the way to better health and so much more besides.


Yoga gradually unfolded from one weekly class into a personal explorative practice. Teacher training with Rocci opened doors to different ways of thinking about bodies and movement. During training, Sally-Anne also became fascinated by anatomy, particularly fascia. The Yogic Yamas and Niyamas have had a life-changing impact, especially Ahimsa and Asteya. 


What has emerged from the training is a teaching style that aims to build confidence and freedom to explore how our individual bodies work, to grow our ability to listen inwardly, and to practise by working from the inside to the outside. 


Yoga has travelled from person to person for thousands of years, evolving as it goes. It is humbling to be part of this sharing, but very exciting too.

To book sessions with Sally-Anne please follow this link  and filter by teacher.

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