About Ceri

Ceri is currently living in Hertfordshire after spending two years solo travelling and discovering more about herself and the philosophy of Yoga. She is hugely passionate about creating a space for people to reconnect to their breath and help themselves to deepen their own practices through mindful movements, pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation.


Trained in Kerala, Southern India. 200HR RYT in Traditional Yoga (Hatha). Certified Reiki practitioner, level 1.

Get to know your teacher – Ceri Q&A

Why do you teach Yoga/What does Yoga mean to you?

Yoga has challenged every concept that I thought I knew about myself, it has helped me to move through life freely and away from pain, anxiety, and suffering. The techniques that I have learnt through the ancient practices of Yoga have forever changed the direction of my life. Where I once would spend my evenings and weekends abusing my body with a variety of self-destructive behaviours, I now spend that time treating my body, mind, and spirit with the respect and awareness it deserves. This practice works continuously to help me to overcome any of life’s struggles and leads me to a deeper understanding of myself, much deeper than I ever could have imagined. It has brought me peace and joy and I wish nothing more than to share this knowledge with others.

Tell us about your classes (pace/style/specialism)?

The classes are welcoming for all levels, beginners are very welcome. It is a medium-paced Hatha flow, focussing on meditation and breath work throughout the session. We work with themes which allow us to reach a deeper level in our practice, moving with awareness and fluidity to awaken and balance our 7 energy centres (chakra’s), strengthen our bodies, and rejuvenate our minds.

What is your favourite Yoga Pose?

High Bridge! Helps to align all of the chakra’s, opens up the chest, strengthens the entire body and wakes us up better than a shot of expresso. High. Bridge. Forever!

Describe yourself in 3 Words

Always. Learning. Something. (New) – it’s not cheating if it’s in a bracket, right?

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