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200hr Yoga Alliance Professional
accredited course.
Next Start Dates:
September 8th 2024


Our slow paced yoga teacher training allows you delve deeper into this ancient and yet modern practise. We use the most up to date practises whilst staying firmly in the traditions of self exploration and the philosophy of mind, body and spirit all being connected. Yoga is union.


We believe that yoga shouldn't be rushed, so there is time in and between each modules to process, practise and play. You are encouraged to question, research and find a practise to suit you, so you become confident to share a safe practice with your friends and family and maybe even your own students. Our Course is created so you learn how to teach not just what to teach.

We love yoga because there is so much to discover, and hope there will never be a time we are not students. We encourage you to find new ways of approaching your bodies, minds and souls to create magical moments, those eureka moments of another piece fitting into place are always joyful, (we still love receiving them from our teachers and our students).

We hope to inspire you to motivate others into discovering the wonderful world of yoga and for you to put pieces of jigsaw of life together, in a calm and delightful way. Giving you the confidence and ability to become an amazing teacher who will continue to share, with kindness and attention to detail, with everyone who has the courage to come to you for support and guidance. 

Here at The Rocci Tree, we believe that a great yoga teacher should be able to share their love and knowledge of yoga with everybody, no matter the size of their trunk, the length of the branches, or whether our students are saplings or ancient oaks. We want to give you the tools and self-confidence to start running yoga classes as soon as you graduate.

We cover yoga from the roots to the canopy. From the poses to ethics, from mediation to the history of yoga. 

There are 7 modules to our Teacher Training and you can join our course on any module (no need to wait a year to start learning). Sessions happen on a Sunday from 9.30-2.30 pm and each module takes 6 weeks to complete. 

Our in-depth course will allow you to discover and understand the body, mind, and yoga by including

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Asana (poses)

  • Pranayama (breathing practices)

  • Philosophy

  • Meditation/Mindfulness

  • Mudra’s (symbolic gestures)

  • Bandha’s (how to bind energy)

  • Chakras (energy centres)

  • History of Yoga

  • First Aid training


We will give you a great grounding in teaching yoga classes and 121 yoga sessions, using verbal cues, adjustments, and props.

We will give you the tools to set up and run a successful yoga teaching business.

Once completed our course you will become a yoga alliance accredited 200 hours Yoga Teacher, ready and raring to start teaching your own classes or 121’s.

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One of the few Yoga Sutras that refers to the physical postures is “sthira sukham asanam,” meaning that asana should be a balance of effort and ease. 




9th June 2024 - 14th July - Branching Out

8th September - 13th October - Trunk

10th November - 15th December - Roots


12th January - 16th February - Growth Rings

9th March - 13th April - Earth

1st June - July 6th - Canopy

14th September - 19th October  - Saplings

More information about our Modules:


Anatomical Focus: Leg’s, Hips and Pelvis

Pose Focus: Standing balances and Hip Openers

Class Room Focus: History and Hormones


Anatomical Focus: Teaching Practise

Pose Focus: Building family tree’s into class plans

Class Room Focus: Business, class planning


Anatomical Focus: Head and Neck

Pose Focus: Inversions

Class Room Focus: Pratyahara, pranayama, meditation


Anatomical Focus: Feet and ankles

Pose Focus: Standing Poses

Class Room Focus: 8 Limbs of Yoga


Anatomical Focus: Rib cage and spine

Pose Focus: Twists, all fours

Class Room Focus: Nervous Systems, Internal organs. Fascia

Branching Out

Anatomical Focus: Upper torso, Shoulders, Arms, Hands

Pose Focus: Backbends and Arm Balances

Class Room Focus: Bandha's, Mudra

Growth Rings

Anatomical Focus: Energy

Pose Focus: Forward Bends

Class Room Focus: Chakra’s, Nadis and kosha

Each module is completed over 6 consecutive Sundays at our studio.

Each session will be from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm including a short break for lunch.

Payment Options


Price: £3575


If you pay in full, before the start of the course, you will receive a 10% discount = £357.50. Making the total £3217.50

If you prefer to pay in instalments 1 year: deposit £325 due before 1 month before the start date. Then 10 monthly payments of £325, due on the 1st of each month.


As part of the course, we expect you to attend a weekly class, to help with the cost of this we gift you a weekly class pass for The Rocci Tree, worth over £1200

For further information or to register an interest for future dates, please contact us here;


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Rocci qualified as a 500 hour Karuna yoga teacher with Ruth White and started teaching regularly over 13 years ago.

Since then she has regularly taught over 10 classes a week and now owns The Rocci Tree yoga studio in Leighton Buzzard.

She became a senior yoga teacher in 2018. To become a senior yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professional you have to have completed 4000 hours of teaching plus 8 years of experience. By the time Rocci had been teaching for 8 years, she had almost double the hours required.

Rocci trained with Ruth White, Ruth White had trained with BKS Iyengar and had been a senior Iyengar teacher for many years. Iyengar yoga is known for its precision in alignment of the poses. She has then gone on to train with Francoise Freedman (creator of Birthlight) Gary Carter, Diane Long, Robin Stamm, Liz Brown and John Stirk. Rocci's style has changed over the years and now concentrates on creating a practice for all. She regularly teaches pregnancy, postnatal, well women, kids and therapeutic yoga

On hearing that she was now qualified to teach yoga teachers, Rocci’s students asked her to start teaching them and Metta yoga teacher training was born. The first group of Metta Yoga teachers qualified in March 2020 and now all regularly teach yoga sessions. 

Helen is our anatomy and physiology teacher for the teacher training course. Having always been interested in the human body, she completed her training as a massage therapist (including level 3 anatomy and physiology) in 2010. She has been working ever since as a soft tissue therapist and has completed additional training in deep tissue, myofascial release, osteopathic techniques and many more CPD courses, all of which have deepened her knowledge of the body and its patterns of movement. In her teaching of anatomy, Helen draws on all of this knowledge but more importantly its practical application. “As a soft tissue therapist, I have gained a practical knowledge of anatomy that is so helpful when teaching yoga. I can see the patterns and problems that I come across on my massage table being helped through people's yoga practices every day. Teaching anatomy focused yoga really empowers my students to understand what is going on in their bodies and how they can move in a way which will be best for them. I really believe that to be an excellent yoga teacher, you need a good understanding of how the body works”


My name is Sally-Anne and I’ve practised yoga since 2014 with Rocci. Although I was certain that I didn’t want to teach, in 2020 I decided that Rocci’s TT course could answer my questions in a structured way.

Rocci has designed a fantastic, adaptable, and supportive modular course. Student input is their existing yoga practice, curiosity, and an open mind. Course output will vary from person to person. People’s goals when starting may also change during/after the training.

For me, the output has been far greater than I could ever have imagined. I have a flexible toolbox for my own yoga practice, a much better understanding of my own body and bodies in general, and made several mind-blowing discoveries. Even better, I can confidently design a class, and stand up and teach it, knowing that my teaching is safe. During the course, there was time to explore, to break down poses, think about anatomy, work as a supportive group, and to discuss. It was a wonderful experience and I’m so glad I signed up.

Much to my surprise, I have been teaching, and am enjoying sharing what I have learned.


My name is Mary and I completed The Rocci Tree 200hr Teacher Training Course in March 2020.

I chose the Rocci Tree as I had already been regularly attending classes at the studio since I attended the Pregnancy course in 2013. I was also working as a kids yoga teacher and wanted to be able to extend my knowledge and be able to teach adults too. I really enjoyed the course and felt that I was well prepared to lead sessions by the end. The friendship and fun we shared along the way was really valuable too. I liked the balance of self study, teaching practise and group discussion that we had and would highly recommend this course to others.


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