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108 sun salutations

Friday 1st of July 2022

To conclude our 30-Day Yoga Challenge join us for our 6th annual 108 Sun Salutations event at our Studio or Online.

This is something that we try and complete every year to raise money for charities across the UK. This year we are raising funds for Cancer Research.

The Rocci Tree teachers will be guiding you through all 108 Sun Salutations completed in blocks of 10-12 just like we have been practising live on Facebook every morning in June. You are welcome to join in for as little or as much as you like (followed by a trip to the pub if we are still standing).

Starting at 7pm

Upstairs Studio at the Forster Institute

Click below to book your place in the studio or online.

Please note that space in the hall is limited.

The event is free, so you can also click below to donate to Cancer Research.