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The Rocci Tree Teacher Training Syllabus


Welcome to The Rocci Tree Teacher Training course.

Thank you for showing an interest in our brand new teacher training course.

Our aim for this course is to build your knowledge and understanding of classic and modern yoga practises, giving you the tools and self confidence to start running yoga classes as soon as you graduate.

The course will give you an understanding of the ‘classic 8 limbs of yoga’ and how you can use these tools to share the amazing effect of yoga to others.

As part of the course you will study each practise with a different focus for module, this could be anatomical, energetical, mental, somatically and/or physically. 

Each session will focus on one aspect of the body/mind/spirit, we will discover how to lead someone into a practise, what you can do to help adjust the practise and what other practise you can exchange in its place. These sessions will build your knowledge so you can start to use them for class planning. After each session you will be required to create yoga cards – formats could include; hand drawn and written cards, word document, power point presentation, video etc. The yoga cards will be assessed by Rocci to evaluate your understanding of the practises.

You can join this course at anytime but will need to complete the modules within two years of starting. YAP offer all of our trainee’s insurance for the duration of the course for £15.00 as long as they are domicile in the UK and Ireland. 



Our main focus will be on building a mental and physical knowledge structure, that will leave you feeling confident of teaching a mixed ability class. We will explore the what, why, when, where and how of yoga. Our focus is not stuck with classical yoga poses, although there will be plenty of these included. We will discover ways of freeing the body through movement, breath and relaxation. You will start to comprehend how the body works and how to get every body into asana that suits them. We will learn how to turn poses around/upside down so that your clients will leave having done a class that was exactly right for them as an individual. This can then be easily translated into one to one sessions.


Practise of Asana, pranayama, etc

Each session will offer you the opportunity to work on/discover asana, pranayama, relaxation techniques in a sequence that best suits a regular yoga class. After the session you will be required to choose a handful of practises to study at home. We strongly suggest that you display this information as yoga cards which will be easy and quick to view, so you can use them later to build class plans.

These yoga cards will show that you have a good understanding of the pose – what, why, where, when and how.

What? – Build a knowledge base of the asana families, pranayama techniques, meditation practices.

Why? – Why we should use a practise (asana, pranayama, meditation etc) and why we shouldn’t use that practise. Build a therapeutic knowledge base, to be used in classes and one to one sessions.

Where? – Where does one asana lead to? Where has it come from? Where does this practice lead onto?

When? – When this practise should be suggested in a class? Should we start with standing poses and end in pranayama? Or start with pranayama and end in twists. When should we leave a practise out of a class?

How? – This will be a strong focus of the course. How can we get a similar result in a different way? How to deal with injuries/illnesses, how to include every body in a class.


Teaching Practice and Methods

During each teacher training session you will have the opportunity to teach a practise to the rest of the class, building your teaching vocabulary, style and confidence. We will think about what common injuries and illnesses you may come across when teaching and work on how to be able to advise/vary practices to suit these needs. We will include each of the What, Why, Where, When and How in each session.


What is the overall aim of the course

Our aim is for you to leave the course feeling confident and competent to teach yoga to a mixed ability class. You will have created two 6-week course plans plus around 100 yoga cards to help with future class planning.


What will the graduate be able to do at the end of the course

At the completion of the course you will attain your 200hr Yoga Alliance Professional affiliated Yoga Teaching certificate, along with a £35 discount on Yoga Alliance Professional’s membership.

How will the course be assessed

The course will be continually assessed throughout the training. This will be done by observing your progress in class sessions as well as examination of your yoga cards, an hour and a half class plan and a 6-week of term plan overview. Your final assessment will be to teach part of one of your class plans to the group.

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