Teacher Training

Why choose Yoga Rocs teacher training? 

We cover yoga from the roots to the canopy. Our modules contain everything you need to become a confident and safe yoga teacher.

Here at The Rocci Tree, we believe that a great yoga teacher should be able to share their love and knowledge of yoga with everybody, no matter the size of their trunk, the length of the branches, whether our students are saplings or ancient oaks.

Our intention is to encourage you to share this wonderful world of wellness with others, giving you the confidence and ability to become an amazing teacher who will continue to share this knowledge with kindness and attention to detail with everyone who has the courage to come to your class.

Our aim for this course is to build your knowledge and understanding of classic and modern yoga practises, giving you the tools and self-confidence to start running yoga classes as soon as you graduate.

We appreciate the time and money needed to dedicated to teacher training and that we all absorb knowledge differently. This is why we offer two different ways to train and a variety of payment plans.

Our in-depth course will allow you to discover the 8 limbed path to understanding our true nature including

  • Anatomy and Physiology, inside and out.
  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Philosophy
  • Meditation/Mindfulness
  • Mudra’s
  • Bandha’s
  • Chakras
  • History of Yoga
  • First Aid training

We will give you a great grounding in teaching classes and 121’s, using verbal cues, adjustments, and props. As well as giving you the tools to set up and run a successful yoga teaching business.

Once completed you will become a yoga alliance accredited 200 hours Yoga Teacher, ready and raring to start teaching your own classes or 121’s.

Our learning and pricing structure has been carefully created so there is a way for you to training in a way that fits into your lifestyle and bank balance. One way or another we want you to join us to become a skilled and assured yoga teacher.

Option One – Best of Both Option Two – On retreat
Train with a mix of retreats and Sunday sessions at our studio in Linslade (5 minutes away from Leighton Buzzard Train station, 30 mins away from Euston station).

Retreats run from 10 am on Fridays to 5 pm Sundays.

Sunday Sessions run from 9 am-2 pm

Join Rocci and teachers on retreat in specially chosen venues across Great Britain.

Enjoy immersing yourself in weekends of wellness.

Retreats run from 10 am Friday Morning to 5 pm Sunday Evening. Except for our first training weekend in Sept 2020 which will run from 5 pm on Thursday evening to 11 am Monday Morning

All food and accommodation is paid for, you just have to get yourself to the venue. (Please contact us if you need picking up from the local station).

Completion Date July 2021 July 2022
Price £3146 £5060
Pay in Full. Receive 10% discount £2821 £4600
Pay Instalments – Deposit £286 £560
10 monthly payments £286 £450
20 monthly payments £225
Retreat Dates 17th – 21st September 2020, 8th-10th January 2021, 23rd-25th April 2021, 9th – 11th July 2021 2020

17th – 21st September


8th-10th January,

23rd-25th April,

9th – 11th July

17th- 19th September


7th-9th January

15th-17th April

Complete 8th July

Sunday Session Dates October 18th, 25th, Nov 1st, 15th, 22nd, 29th 2020

Feb 7th, 14th, 21st, March 7th, 14th, 21st

May 9th, 16th, 23rd, June 6th, 13th, 20th

A little about us and the teachers

Metta yoga was created by Rocci, Metta means Kindness. Rocci qualified as a 500 hour Karuna yoga teacher with Ruth White and started teaching regularly over 9 years ago. Since then she has regularly taught over 10 classes a week and now owns The Rocci Tree yoga studio in Leighton Buzzard. Two years ago Rocci had taught over 8000 hours of yoga qualifying her as a senior yoga teacher with yoga alliance professionals.

On hearing that she was now qualified to teach yoga teachers, Rocci’s students asked her to start teaching them and Metta yoga teacher training was born. The first group of Metta Yoga teachers qualified in March 2020 and now all regularly teach yoga sessions (online! which was another big learning curve for them).

On retreat, we will be joined by some of The Rocci Tree teachers such as Natasha Taylor-Komar, Mary Williams, and Helen Coleman.

About the retreats

The retreats open from 5 pm on Thursday evening but you can join anytime, finishing at 5 pm on Sunday, except for the September retreats which will go through to 11 am Monday Morning.

The venues for these retreats have been handpicked by Rocci for their facilities, food, and feel. Getting the right atmosphere enhances our journey so we have been to visit each and every venue before booking our spaces.

Friday is our main classroom focus day, so we will go in-depth into the skills of teaching yoga, We will cover anatomy and physiology, or practise teaching each other in a class style setting, or going in-depth into philosophy.

Friday night we will be joined by the rest of our retreat attendees. The yogis that join us on Friday evening are not on our teacher training course but have come to share our practise. This gives you an opportunity to experience the joy of how you can teach any and everybody.

Here is a sample schedule of our retreats


10am-11am Stretch and Breath

11-12pm Teacher Training – Anatomy –

12-1pm Lunch

1-3pm Teacher Training – Adjustments and Alternatives.

3-5pm Teacher Training Class

5-6pm Everyone to join

6-7pm Dinner

7-9pm Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga


6-7am Stretch and Breath

7-8.30pm Breakfast

8.30-9am Teacher Trainer’s pose perfection practise

9-11am Metta Yoga class with Rocci

11-12pm Meditation/Philosophy

12-1.30pm Lunch

1.30-2pm Teacher Trainer’s pose perfection practise

2-4pm Vinyasa Flow with Natasha

4-5pm Rest

5-6pm Dinner

6-7pm Hormones Talk

7-8pm Yoga Nidra


6-7am Stretch and Breath

7-8.30pm Breakfast

8.30-9am Teacher Trainer’s pose perfection practise

9-11am Metta Yoga class with Rocci

11-11.30pm Meditation

11.30-12 History of Yoga talk

12-1.30pm Lunch

1.30-2pm Teacher Trainer’s pose perfection practise

2-4pm Vinyasa Flow with Natasha

4-5pm Pack up and leave