Yin yoga : Journey through the elements

In Ancient Chinese philosophy, the observation of nature revealed a whole wealth of knowledge, which enabled the ancients to better understand the flowing pattern of life. They observed that plants, trees, and animals, as well as the seasons and planets all lived according to cyclical movements – ancient elemental system.
During this course, we will weave the Yin yoga practice with the classical four elements (earth, fire, water, and air).
Yin yoga is a slow and passive practice, where poses are held for longer periods of time to access deep connective tissues of the body, providing nourishment and circulation for the joints and fascia, increasing flexibility. In doing so, a Yin yoga practice creates a soothing and very valuable life space to balance the very active pace of modern living, as well as other yang-like physical activities.
Through Yin yoga practice we will explore four elements within ourselves – their manifestations in our mind, body, and emotions. Each element has its corresponding physical target area, its relevant meridian (energy) channels and select poses that stimulate or harmonise the chi flow in these channels.
The course is open to anyone whether experienced in yoga or completely new to the practice. Yin yoga deeply respects the individual, their body and physical condition and is suitable for people of all ages.