Intro to Yoga

4 Week course – Sat 10:00-12:00

Our next Intro to Yoga course will start on May 5th 2019

Intro to yoga at The Rocci Tree

New to yoga or new to our studio, Welcome.

Our Intro to Yoga courses are a great way to get into yoga. Held over four weeks, you will get to meet all of our teachers, learn a bit about their style of teaching and learn the basics so you will feel confident to attend any of our regular weekly classes.

We start our journey with Rocci who trained in a style of yoga called Iyengar, this style is well known for its precision to detail. This class is a great place to start. The poses are taken at a gentle pace but are held so we can really notice where every part of our body is and where it may get to one day.

Natasha will lead week 2 with her sense of fun and belief that anything is possible. She will take you into a style of yoga know at Vinyasa flow, the word “vinyasa” can be translated as “arranging something in a special way” such as your body in yoga poses, this dynamic practice synchronizes breath and movement to produce internal heat designed to purify the body. You may need a small towel for this class as it can really warm you up.

On the third week you will get to meet Nikki who trained with Himalaya Valley yoga school. This class will be a beautiful mix of pranayama (yogic breathing), philosophy and mantra. Helping you to build on the knowledge you have learned in the last two sessions. A blend of breath and movement which is soothing to the soul and stretches the body and mind.

Natalie will guide you through a more mental journey in the Final week looking at the way yoga helps keep a healthy mind as well as body. Natalie will help you build on your inner strengths and awareness, show you how to regulate and understand your mood through breath and give you tools for a calm and settled nervous system.

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Course Cost – £75 (this includes 2 free ‘Anytime’ class passes worth £20)

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