Why We Yoga

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why we feel so good after a yoga session and why this ancient practice has survived for thousands of years.

We have decided to pile together a list of some of the benefits from the practice that we all know and love:

Yoga reduces stress –

By slowing down your breath you are regulating the levels of stress in your body by sending signals to your parasympathetic nervous system. With modern day stresses triggering our sympathetic nervous system regularly, we are now in a constant state of fight or flight. Our bodies are unable to tell the difference between the stress of a real life and death situation, or the stress caused by the fear of not getting your work done in time for the next meeting. This causes high levels of tension and drastically reduces our bodies ability to function properly. Connecting to our breath in our asana practice allows us to relax and soften.

Improves flexibility –

Inflexibility can lead to various aches and pains. If you have tight hips, knee strain can result due to improper alignment of the thigh and the shinbones. Tightness in the shoulders causes more pressure on the lower back, which can lead to future imbalances in the bodies structure. Well-stretched muscles allow the body to move freely through its full range of motion.

Increases blood flow –

Yoga allows more oxygen to reach our cells, refreshing and rejuvenating our bodies with each deep breath we take. It is thought that twisting postures help to get rid of any impure blood from the internal organs and allow filtered and purified blood to flow in once the twist has been released. Gravity makes it difficult for the blood towards our feet to reach our hearts, therefore inversions are a great way to help get the blood to the heart to be freshly oxygenated.

Helps to maintain healthy joints –

To keep joints healthy, we need to take them through their full ranges of motion. Joint cartilage receives nutrients only when fluid is squeezed out through movement. Yoga helps to squeeze and soak areas of cartilage that aren’t normally used.

Improves posture –

The weight of an adult human head is about 10 or 11 pounds. This is a huge amount of weight for the body to carry if it is not stacked correctly. Poor posture can lead to many different illnesses and imbalances and yoga helps us to become aware of these and begin to realign our physical bodies. Simply by changing our body language we can change the way we feel about ourselves, improving our mental health and increasing self-worth. There is a great Ted Talk (ADD LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks-_Mh1QhMc) on this if you want to find out more.

Improves mental health –

Without becoming aware of the different sensations and feelings within our bodies, it is easy to become overwhelmed and fractured with modern day living. Yoga helps us to reconnect back to the simple things, it changes our perspective and allows us to see deeply into the beauty of everyday life. Yoga and meditation help us to transform our busy mind-chatter to soften the brainwaves. This is equivalent to getting a deep night sleep and this helps to improve our immune systems and creates a much faster recovery rate from mental stimulation.

The depth of the benefits that we reap through a regular balanced yoga practice are immeasurable. With more and more people suffering from physical and mental imbalances, it is more important than ever to share this information with someone you love and invite them to practice either at home or at a local studio.

We love you!

The Rocci Tree