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In Well Women yoga our focus is on healing through self-nurture, identifying psychosomatic (mind and body) practices that help with the regulation of hormones during menstrual and life cycles. Most of all the focus is on the element of Sukha, feeling comfortable, within ourselves.

  • We will work with all of our kosha’s (layers).

  • We will feed our annamaya (physical) kosha with movements that will create space in our pelvis, spine, and endocrine (hormonal) system.

  • We will energise our pranayama (life force) kosha with breathing practises.

  • We will nurture our manomaya (mental/emotional) kosha by creating space in our somatic (nervous) system.

  • We will share our vijnanmaya (wisdom) kosha and we will end with a relaxation for our anandamaya (bliss) kosha.

Well women yoga works in particular with our endocrine system – trying to balance our hormones, it supports are adrenals, where our fight, flight or freeze response come from. It strengthens our body by using weight bearing postures to help our bodies retain the calcium in our bones.

Our aim is to create a space to be, rather than do. The classes are gentle to strong offering lots of variations, so you can work at your own level. Each of our bodies are made differently and have lived different lives. We work with our intuitive kosha to go to a level that suits us on that day.

Well women yoga also works on our pelvic health. Bad postural habits and changes in oestrogen levels can affect how strong our pelvic floor muscles are and we don’t rely on just Kegels.


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