“Natasha’s classes are definitely worth getting up at 5am for – great start to the day!” – Clare Littlewood

“The yoga classes give me lots of energy to face the next day. It also gives me a space where I can relax.” – Mokesse Imeme

“It was my first session after the pregnancy with my twins, it’s help me a lot to stretch and relax a bit!” – Anastasiya Kerkelova

“Rocci is fantastic and makes you feel very welcome and relaxed. It’s a lovely opportunity to take care of yourself.” – Anna Casson

“I love yoga, a recent started it is challenging me in so many ways – love my Tuesday evening and Sunday morning practice” – Marie Anna

“This is a wonderful group with all levels of ability. It doesn’t matter if your a beginner or advanced. It’s gentle.good for body and mind. Rocci is a fab teacher. I just love the Rocci tree ♡” – Jackie Burke

“Rocci is lovely and I learned many things in her yoga classes not just how practice or exercise I learned so much about pregnancy and I met new people X” – Melissa Dougall

“I just had my first ashtanga practice and i loved it! i feel so great now! I can’t wait to come back natasha!” – Chia Bowiecatto

Amazing experience every time. If I could only clone Rocci for yoga when I’m out of town!” – Nessa Jay

“A more demanding but fulfilling class with a truly calming and restorative savasna at the end. Thanks, Tasha!” – Tammy Clarke

“The 6am class with Natasha is an Excellent way to start your weekend! I am not an early bird and getting up this early is unusual to me but after my first class I felt energised and great 👌🏻 i am going again!” – Paulina Lutostanska

“First ever yoga class and I really enjoyed it. Great relaxed atmosphere and very welcoming.” – April Meadows

“Fab class, as always! I love the fact we are allowed to follow our own pace without any competition!” – Ruth Picado Dopico

“I have never ever done any yoga but I stayed for the whole 4 hours and absolutely loved it! I especially loved Ceri’s breathing (sorry, I know there’s a specific name for it…) and Natasha’s encouragement towards myself and the rest of the room in the rocket yoga. I will definitely be back 💕 Thank you ladies” – Danielle Taylor

“Rocci really gets the kids engaged, and the mindfulness Practice at the end of the session has really given my youngest a handle on coping with the stresses of the day.” – Tammy Clarke