Specialised Monthly Workshops

2nd Sunday of the Month

Yoga for Runners – April 14th

Running requires the body and mind to work together. Sometimes are body keeps us going, sometimes its our mind.
Rocci will guide us through a alignment based workshop, giving you the tools to warm up and cool down the body to aid quicker recovery. Learn to breath deep to feed the muscles and the brain, strengthen and stretch the whole of the body so it stays in the best condition.
This is a workshop aimed at all runner’s whether its your first ever 5km race or your 12th marathon.

Arm Balances – May 12th

Learn to resist the force of gravity and realise the true strength that you already have!
After a warm-up practice focused on core, upper body strength and the stability needed to be able to balance on your arms we will start exploring the arm balance.
In this hands-on yoga workshop we will break down the basics allowing you to approach arm balances safely with greater confidence, mindfulness and ease, and go beyond to the postures that lead to handstand! 
We will lift-up, go sideways, invert, and use a wall when needed. So be ready to be challenged but not intimidated. Everybody can do this on their own individual level.
This workshop is not suitable for complete beginners, however, you don’t have to be the strongest or most flexible to begin your journey into arm balancing. Some people are quite strong but might not be able to go into arm balances because they don’t have the required flexibility and vice versa. All, but complete beginners welcome to join in on this playful workshop.

108 Sun Salutations – June 9th


Typically held on the 2nd Sunday of the month, our workshops are designed to specialise in a particular area of Yoga or Wellbeing. Previous workshops have included Yoga for Runners, Grounding Feet, A Healthy Mind.

See below for some examples of previous workshops held at The Rocci Tree….

If you have any ideas of workshops you’d like to see at The Rocci Tree, please let us know contact us