Specialised Monthly Workshops

Second Sunday of the Month

Inversions and Arm Balance Workshop – 8th September

This workshop is focused on refining the foundation of your practice in order to build strength and stability for developing an inversion and arm balance practice in a safe and structured way. Whether you are experienced or completely new to them this workshop will support you on your journey.
Elisa will break down the stepping stones to a more graceful inversion and arm balance practice, starting with basic drills to build the strength and flexibility required to balance on your hands and upside down.
The workshop will consist of a Vinyasa based warm-up activating the main muscle groups and mobilising the most important joints for successively dealing with some arm balance poses (like bakasana, parsva bakasana, kundinyasana…) and inversions (headstand, forearm stand and handstand).
Elisa will encourage you to progress to the level you feel comfortable with. Variations will be given to beginners and more advanced practitioners.

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Bring Yoga Home: Cultivating your own self practice – 13th October

An interactive workshop to learn how to make a home yoga practice a reality.

Would you like to develop your own home practice, but feel unsure of where, or how to start?

If you need some inspiration or guidance to help build your confidence, then join us on this workshop to explore simple ways to help you discover what you need, and then develop intelligent approaches towards incorporating those needs into your yoga practice.

Practicing yoga alone is an important step on the path towards owning your yoga. It begins the process of self discovery, potentially revealing old unhelpful habits and developing new nourishing ones, thereby bringing joy and freedom into your life.

In this workshop we will explore and develop some foundations that can gradually develop into a fuller yoga practice. We will explore principles that will help you find a self practice that is tailored and adapted to suit you, your aims and stage of life.

It includes:

– Discovering tools of a holistic home practice: asana, pranayama, meditation and intention
– Exploring Sun Salutations and its variations in depth to create some building blocks for your own practice.
– Understanding the most common asanas and how to create a basic sequence.
– Learning the most common pranayama techniques
– Developing your own nourishing and inspiring yoga practice and learning to trust yourself.

Everyone will be provided with a worksheet to help continue developing self practice explored during the workshop.

Suitable for all levels.

Develop your inner teacher!

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Yoga Flow to Open Hips – 10th November

Join Noelia with a yoga flow to open your hips, help get into splits and to tap into the sacral chakra.
There are many additonal benefits of this yoga sequence, such as
increased ease at letting go of the past, connecting to the moment, reproductive health, increased circulation in the reproductive region, alignment improvement, protection from injury, elimination of back pain, increased health of the kidneys and bladder, self acceptance, confidence,peace and acceptance of pleasure.
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Deep Relaxation and Restorative Yoga – 8th December

With so much going on this month, treat yourself to some time out. This workshop will be time and space for you to tune in to your true self. Time with yourself, for yourself. At the end of this session you will leave feeling restored, revitalised and refreshed.
Rocci will guide you through a gentle restorative yoga session, breathing practices and ending in a beautiful yoga Nidra.
Restorative yoga is a practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. Breathing practices work on the nervous system to reduce stress hormones and revitalise energy levels. Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep as it is commonly known, is an immensely powerful meditation technique, and one of the easiest yoga pratices to develop and maintain.
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Typically held on the 2nd Sunday of the month, our workshops are designed to specialise in a particular area of Yoga or Wellbeing. Previous workshops have included Yoga for Runners, Grounding Feet, A Healthy Mind.

See below for some examples of previous workshops held at The Rocci Tree….

If you have any ideas of workshops you’d like to see at The Rocci Tree, please let us know contact us