Birth Preparation Courses

Three 2-hour sessions

The next birth preparation course is scheduled for 4th, 11th and 18th of July

Please keep checking the website and enrolments for latest updates and course details.

The Rocci Tree and Serenity Hypnobirthing are coming together to provide a joint hypnobirthing and partner yoga antenatal group sessions. We aim to provide you with a comforting, relaxing and educational addition to your amazing pregnancy journey.

We share a philosophy of supporting families in their pregnancy and preparation for birth so are excited to offer both of these experiences in the same space. We hope that this will be a time for you to be together as a family while receiving a quality antenatal education.

Often around pregnancy and birth there can be some anxiety. KG hypnobirthing uses evidence-based information and relaxation skills to help address these anxieties to help you have the best birth for you. The hypnobirthing sessions will examine how the mind and body work together in pregnancy and labour. This will be applied to the different stages of labour to help equip you with skills to manage your birth. We will also look at alternative pain management, birth methods and inductions of labour, with the aim to empower you with a sound knowledge base so that you feel in control of your birthing experience.

Partner yoga is a great way of learning practical skills for both of you to use during labour and birth that will help you mentally and physically prepare for the birth of your baby. Dad’s you will learn how you can assist with breathing and positioning to create a happy Birth-day for you and your partner. No yoga experience necessary and is suitable for all levels of fitness.

You will be provided with a KG Hypnobirthing information pack, KG Hypnobirthing book and MP3 relaxation scripts. Plus information on yoga postures and breathing techniques to practise at home and keep with your birthing bag.

The cost for this course is £150, which includes a space for both partners, KG Hypnobirthing pack, birth positioning and preparation leaflet, and tea and cake.

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If there are currently no Hypnobirthing and Birth Preparation courses scheduled at The Rocci Tree, please contact Shelley Thomas at Serenity Hypnobirthing directly, who will be able to discuss upcoming hypnobirthing courses/1:1s that she can offer.

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