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Pilates BEGINNERS course  WITH Carlene

What is Body Control Pilates?


Body Control Pilates offers a comprehensive programme of exercises for both mat and machine work. They are adapted from the ‘classical’ exercises developed by Joseph Pilates.  In order for someone to work safely and effectively and to gain the full benefits of Pilates, these classical exercises should be broken down to establish good movement skills thus building the best possible foundation upon which to progress towards the classical, more advanced work. This is the essence of the Body Control Pilates Method.


Pilates suits all ages and fitness levels and is particularly beneficial for those with back or neck pain, poor postures, sports injuries, arthritis, stress-related illnesses and before, during and after pregnancy.  It is particularly beneficial for the prevention and rehabilitation of back injuries, as it retrains the deep abdominal and spinal muscles. 

Pilates pays a lot of attention to the deep abdominal corset of muscles. It not only makes for better posture, which reduces the risk of neck and back pain.

Due to her background as a remedial and sports masseuse Carlene can adapt exercises according to your own individual needs.


Strength training and performance

Pilates is used to complement training for a wide variety of sports as  it is highly adaptable, from long distance running to skiing.

Reduce your risk of injury 

Pilates is the key to improving your core strength, protecting your spine, and reducing muscle imbalances which may lead to injury. It can also play a vital role in rehabilitation post injury; please ask if Pilates is suitable for you.

Pilates works towards the goal of having the strength, balance and flexibility to allow you to move well in your daily life. To feel fit enough to meet the demands of your work, playing with your kids, completing DIY and pursuing your hobbies.

Tuesdays 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Downstairs Studio at the Forster Institute.

Price for 4-week course - £50

Early bird till 23rd  August 2022 - £40

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