About Natalie

Natalie is a mum of three, wife, yogi, blogger and self-professed health and happiness ambassador. Her passion is inspiring others to meet their health, happiness and fitness goals, through yoga, meditation, mindfulness and living well. Natalie is imaginative, creative and energetic and tailors’ classes to meet the individual needs of her students. She is also compassionate and understanding and draws upon her life’s challenges and experiences to provide you with a personal, empathic service during classes and private sessions. She is understanding and has experience of the stresses of modern living and can help you achieve a health and happiness balance in your life.


Natalie began yoga teacher training in May 2015 with the British School of Yoga and subsequently received her 200 hour teacher training qualification in Hatha and Pregnancy Yoga. Her study and learning is a lifelong journey with over 100 hours of further teacher training and over 250 hours of teaching experience since qualifying in May 2016. Her practice and teaching is constantly evolving.
Having practised Pilates alongside yoga at home for some time, Natalie decided to embark on Pilates teacher training in September 2016. She qualified in Beginners to Advanced Original Pilates Mat Work in July 2017. Her Pilates classes today combine the original Joseph Pilates movements as well as new and contemporary Pilates inspired movements.

In addition to yoga and Pilates Natalie qualified as a Total Barre Instructor in October 2018 with STOTT Pilates and Merrithew Fitness at OneKX in London.

Natalie has taught yoga abroad, regularly hosts yoga and wellbeing workshops and also teaches at festivals during the summer months.

Natalie approaches physical fitness from a holistic point of view. She believes that yoga, Pilates and barre are not just about physical fitness, but more about keeping you moving to the best of your ability to ensure you stay strong and healthy throughout your life. She understands that everybody comes in different shapes and sizes and that moving your body can be hard for many people. She also advocates the importance of physical fitness with supporting good mental health.

Get to know your teacher – Natalie Q&A

Why do you teach Yoga/What does Yoga mean to you?

I was introduced to yoga as a young teenager when the likes of Sting and Madonna became well known for their yoga practice. It was many years later though before my passion for yoga grew and became intrinsically part of my life.

Having pursued a successful career in the energy industry for over 12 years; I enjoyed the challenges, the pace, different people and different experiences but excessive stress, pressure and exhaustion became a normal part of my life and achieving a work-life-family balance was near impossible. I was turning to unhealthy eating habits to get by and my overall health and wellbeing was at an all time low.
In October 2014 I gave birth to my third baby. Whilst on maternity leave and finally having a ‘rest’ from the rat-race of being full-time working career mum, I started to enjoy a slower paced approach to life and so yoga, holistic therapies, meditation and healthy living became a normal but essential part of my everyday living.

Tell us about your classes (pace/style/specialism)?

My yoga style combines traditional hatha yoga with vinyasa style sequencing. I believe I capture and balance the spiritual essence of yoga with physical fitness perfectly. I celebrate that yoga & Pilates is not just for fitness. My motivation and inspiration is for overall wellbeing, calming the active mind, and exploring the mind and body on a physical, mental and spiritual journey. Physical fitness, strength and flexibility are side-effects of practising yoga and Pilates but it doesn’t have to be your motivation.

What is your favourite Yoga Pose?

Savasana! (It’s the best, right?) But also Viranhadrasana II (warrior II) and Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon).

Describe yourself in 3 Words

Playful, Compassionate, Thoughtful

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