January Restorative Detox Yoga Workshop

A restorative detoxing practice that focuses on slowing down and opening your body through long passive stretches. In each posture we use props, rather than just your muscles, to support your body so that you are able to get into a deeper relaxed state. This encourages the muscles to release and let go of any physical or mental tension that may be held and built up there.

There is a class focus on detoxing the physical and emotional damages that the body is holding onto. We look at detoxing the physical body through deep twists and then detoxing the emotional body through prolonged hip openers:
Twists are known in yoga to detox the body in a ‘squeeze and soak’ method – targeting our digestive organs and spine.
Our hips in yoga are seen as our emotional gateways. Whenever we experience any type of trauma, we clench the hip flexor muscle group which traps unwanted emotional toxins in this area. Opening this area requires a softening and surrendering into each posture which can release hidden negative emotions.
We use several different pranayama’s (breathing techniques) to tap into our parasympathetic nervous system so we leave each workshop feeling calmer, more confident and with a clearer head.

Why is this workshop a good way to start your year off?

Restorative Yoga is one of the most wholesome and non-dogmatic approaches to yoga. You will be encouraged to practise with kindness towards yourself at all times, ensuring that you are 100% comfortable in each posture. Start the year off with compassion for your physical, mental and emotional body and allow this to set the tone for the rest of the year.


Price for all four 2 hour workshops – £80.00


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