Yoga Weekly Class Descriptions

Alignment & Strengthening

Our Alignment & Strengthening classes are led by Rocci who is trained in an Iyengar based style of yoga called Karuna. Iyengar is well known for his precision to detail, especially in aligning the body well to get the best out of each and every pose.

We take time in each pose to make the most out of strengthening our structure using our own body weight. This style of yoga is great for toning our muscles, building stamina but also a good way to build strength in our bones. The techniques you learn in these classes will be beneficial to any yoga practise. Whether you slow them down in our Restorative classes or speed them up in our flow classes.

Suitable/Recommended for: Beginner/Improver who is moderately fit.

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Flow and Therapy

Our Flow & Therapy class is based on the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series which is a traditional and very powerful practice. In Sanskrit, it is called “Yoga Chikitsa” meaning “Yoga Therapy”, because of the cleansing and toning effect it has on body and mind. A dynamic flow created by synchronising the breath with a specific series of postures produces intense internal heat and a purifying sweat that in turn detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.

We would recommend you bring a small towel with you to use during this practice.

Suitable/Recommended for:A strong, energic person, who likes discipline.

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Restorative and Alignment

Our Restorative & Alignment classes are a great place to start yoga, recover from an injury, or to de-stress from everyday being.

This is a session with space to move, breathe, focus, and play with different poses and relaxations. This class will help build awareness of your body, the yoga poses, and how you can use it to help carry you through life.

Rocci gives plenty of options in each pose so you can level up or down depending on how you feel that class and in that pose.

Suitable/Recommended For: I am looking for a gentle class to regain and/or retain my health.

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Energising & Flow

Our Energising & Flow yoga class is based on Vinyasa Flow Yoga. The Sanskrit word “Vinyasa” means “arranging something in a special way”. It is a graceful and energising practice where the breath is linked with movements, and these movements are linked together, creating smooth and continuous dance-like flow, which helps you to stay in the present – moving meditation. Vinyasa Yoga improves body and mind awareness, builds strength, flexibility, and balance.

Suitable/Recommended For: I like an active class to warm me up and to fit in with my healthy lifestyle

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Flow & Strengthen & Restore

Natalie celebrates that yoga is not just for physical fitness. Her motivation and inspiration is for overall health and wellbeing as well as exploring the mind and body on a physical, mental, and spiritual journey. Her yoga style combines traditional Hatha yoga with vinyasa style sequencing. She captures and balances the spiritual essence of yoga with physical fitness perfectly. Each class is different but will typically contain optional vinyasa-style sequencing for those who like to flow and get the heart pumping; and a rest option for those wanting to take it easy. The class will include standing, seated and supine poses which will build core strength and flexibility, whilst the relaxation and meditation element of the class will draw upon your mental and spiritual focus for opening up the heart and calming the active mind.

Suitable/Recommended For: I like a bit of everything, a solid, stable class with compassion.

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Sunday Best

Join us each Sunday to enjoy the best of our classes. Each week our teachers take turns running this class. On the 1st Sunday of each month you can join Noelia in her Tai Chi Yoga flow, the 2nd Sunday is Nikki with a vinyasa-based class, the 3rd Sunday Elisa will lead the class and the 4th Sunday will be Yin yoga with Natasha. These are subject to change so please check out our timetable for who is teaching this week.

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