Join Natalie for her Online Pilates Class every Wednesday from 9.30 am – 10.45 am

Taught by Natalie, Pilates is an all-over body workout with an emphasis on core strength which helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being.

Pilates concentrates on posture, balance, and flexibility.

Like yoga, Pilates also focuses on the mind-body connection. While doing the various exercises your mind needs to be constantly aware of your breathing and the way your body moves.
Pilates exercises are done on the yoga mat which employs controlled breathing during bodyweight resisted movement, to build core strength, as well as improve tone and flexibility in the whole body.

Pilates is named after its creator, Joseph Pilates. He invented Pilates as an exercise program for injured dancers and soldiers while living in the UK. Joseph Pilates believed that physical and mental health were closely connected. In the 1920’s he immigrated to the US and opened a Pilates studio in New York.

Pilates exercises are based on the principle that every movement originates from the core. The exercises are typically small, isolated movements, and are repeated in sets. The goal of a class is to focus on spinal alignment and strengthening the core in order to have total body control over your movements.

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