We have numerous Yoga classes, with a variety of teachers and class styles to choose from. Below is a list of the styles we cover. To find out more detailed information on what each of these classes entail and decide which is the most suitable class for you, please see our yoga class description page or pilates page

  • Alignment & Strengthening
  • Flow & Therapy
  • Restorative & Alignment
  • Energising & Flow
  • Flow & Strengthen & Restore
  • Sunday Best (every Sunday)
  • Yoga Rocs (first Sunday of the Month)

Daytime and Anytime are our regular weekly classes for everyone. The only difference between Anytime and Daytime classes are the time of day they are held (essentially a ‘peak/off-peak’ arrangement). It does not have any bearing on the type of class being taught. This only really becomes relevant, when you decide to purchase a class pass, as this affects the price (see our pricing page).