Image by Lior Shapira



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with Jesse and Rosie

3rd Saturday of every month

11.00 am - 12.30 pm

AcroYoga is the fusion of yoga and acrobatics. It involves careful movements between partners and cultivates a unique sense of playfulness, trust and connection.
It might look and sound a little out of your league, but you definitely

don’t need to be an acrobat, gymnast or even a seasoned yogi to

enjoy AcroYoga.

This practice is about carefully and gradually building your experience to new heights, at your own pace.
Lifting and being lifted can certainly look daunting, but the technique is far more of a significant factor than strength, and Jesse will happily help you with your technique, showing you ways to safely develop your basing

and flying

Class Dates:

  • 19th February 2022

  • 19th March 2022

  • 16th April 2022

  • 21st May 2022

  • 18th June 2022

Price: £12 per adult

           £6 per child under 13