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Rocci Pearson


Founder of The Rocci Tree & RocciYoga, RocciByeBaby and Yoga Kids Roc Instructor

Rocci's yoga journey started over 19 years ago when she was working as a Wardrobe Mistress at English National Opera. When she had time off during those long working day she would find time to stretch, strengthen and de-stress at a local yoga class in Covent Garden.

In 2005 she walked into Cathy Kimber’s class in Rickmansworth, and she knew she had found her teacher, her yoga. Soon she was following in Cathy’s footstep and started training as a yoga teacher with Ruth White. On the first day of her training, she found out she was pregnant with her first child. Two years later she had her second child, both times finding wonderful Pregnancy yoga teachers including Jessica Raphael Colville with whom she enjoyed Mum and baby yoga classes as well as keeping up with her teacher training.

More recently Rocci has completed her WellWomen yoga training with Francoise Freedman, Founder of Birthlight. She has studied with Diane Long and Robin Stamm at The Little Yoga Company and has attended workshops with Gary Carter. 

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Helen qualified as a massage therapist over 5 years ago and has been fascinated by the mechanics and movement of the human body ever since. As a mother, her life experiences and interests naturally led her to study pregnancy massage then baby massage and most recently baby yoga. She also runs the homebirth support group for Leighton Buzzard and a mobile massage business, ‘Bodysoul Massage’. Helen is passionate about empowering women through pregnancy, birth and parenthood to realize their own capabilities.

Helen was introduced to yoga in her late teens by her stepmother, a dancer, and has practiced it to maintain physical and mental strength ever since. The opportunity to combine this love of yoga with the knowledge she has gained through her massage practice is very exciting and will hopefully allow her to share her knowledge and passions to help new parents in adjusting to their crazy new lives!

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Teacher of Vinyasa and Modified Ashtanga Primary series

Natasha is Russian, born in the multicultural family. 

Even though her Yoga Journey started in 2008 in Moscow, the Yoga revealed itself to Natasha many years before in different forms. 

She have had a very active life since she was a young girl.

 - 4 years in Circus studio doing Acrobatics shown her what the human body is capable of - Postures (Asanas in Yoga)

- Over 10 years of Dancing gave Natasha a sense of self-expression, freedom and union with surrounding world - Acceptance who you are.

- Then Dancing was taken over by “Mannequin. Statue. Alive doll” performance, where she learned how to stay still for a long time, how to slow the breathing down, how to relax inside but keeping the form outside, how to stay focused despite of any interruptions - Breathing techniques, Withdrawal of the senses, Concentration, Meditation. 

- 3 years of working in Team building industry taught Natasha about how connected we all are and how we affect each other - Union.

Same time she studied Science and Teaching methodology for 5 years and after that took an extra year of the Psychology course. She is fascinated by the human body and the mind, constantly working on expanding her knowledge about it.

Natasha was brought up in the family of the Christian beliefs, she always was looking for answers: “why we are here” and “where are we going”. On the path of her exploration Natasha met a man - yogi who practiced Sahaja Yoga. His inner peace, non-conditional love and truthfulness inspired her to do Yoga. 

From 2008 till 2012 Natasha practiced Iyengar Yoga, learning about alignments of the postures. In 2012 she and her husband moved to Leighton Buzzard, where Natasha was lucky to meet her new Yoga Teacher Rocci. Since then she enjoys practicing Karuna Yoga, which based on Iyengar Yoga.   

Natasha has become very passionate about the Yoga. For her it is the way to learn about her inner true self. Eventually she started to teach Yoga to her husband and friends, which not only have had very positive feedbacks, but also made Natasha realise how much she enjoys teaching Yoga. This is when the seed of becoming the Yoga Teacher has been planted.  

The Yoga Teacher Rocci saw Natasha’s passion and started helping to find the Yoga Teacher Training for her. 

In June 2016 Natasha’s dream came true, thanks to Rocci she started the course at The Yoga People School in London. And 2 months later she successfully completed 200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with introduction of Rocket Yoga and Yin Yoga. 

Natasha wants to inspire people to find their yoga path, their inner wisdom.

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Alexis has always been active enjoying running, cycling and swimming and whilst on maternity leave in with her second child in 2014 she decided to try out Rocci's Mother and Baby yoga class, after her first class she knew she had found her calling. In 2016 she completed her 200 TTC with Himalaya Yoga Valley in Cork leaving behind a career as a PA and the commute to London.

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Nikki has been practising Yoga for the last 10 years but from 2015 she began to connect more with her practise finding she was benefiting from it more mentally as much as physically. In August 2017 Nikki completed her 200 hours TTC with Himalaya Yoga Valley, a global leader in yoga education. Along with gaining a comprehensive understanding of the traditional Ashtanga based asana practise there was a heavy focus on Anatomy, philosophy, physiology, meditation, mantra chanting and Ayurveda. Having done the London commute and plenty of overseas travel, for over 10 years working in the fashion industry, Nikki understands what the significant benefits of incorporating yoga into your daily life can bring (no matter how busy your schedule is).