Hypnobirthing Classes at The Rocci Tree

Excited to share that the next KG Hypnobirthing Course will be starting on the 16th July for four consecutive weeks! Starting at 19:30 at the Forster Institute in Leighton Buzzard.
Get in touch to book today; info@therealbirthguide.co.uk. Want to find out more? Then click on the link below.

Hypnobirthing Classes in Leighton Buzzard

7.30pm at The Forster Institute in Linslade

Four sessions of 2.5 hours each. Group classes are £250 per couple.

Email info@therealbirthguide to book your place today!

What is Hypnobirthing?

Are people telling you their birth stories and making you anxious? A frightening birth does not need to be your experience. KG Hypnobirthing is not like stage hypnosis; it recognises the power of our minds over our bodies in pregnancy and labour. The course teaches an informative antenatal education and deep relaxation techniques to allow your mind and body to work together, for a more relaxed and comfortable birth. This is beneficial for both mothers and fathers by making pregnancy and labour a positive experience. 

The course is run over 4 sessions, lasting 2.5 hours each. The classes can also be spread out as you wish, as some may prefer over a weekend, others over consecutive weeks. Includes KG Hypnobirthing book, antenatal information pack and audio files.


What do the Workshops cover? 

Session 1:

  • Opportunity for you and your partner to be specific about what you want to gain through our time together. 
  • Hypnotherapy 
  • Hypnobirthing 
  • Our minds
  • How our body works in pregnancy and labour
  • Birth video
  • Relaxation script

Session 2:

  • Your breathing in labour.
  • Visualisations to support effective breathing.
  • Relaxation script.
  • Opportunity to practice relaxation scripts.
  • Baby and maternal positions. 
  • Alternative birth methods.
  • Perieneal care.
  • Information resources to empower your birth experience.
  • Birth Video.

Session 3:

  • Discussion around due dates.
  • Membrane sweep discussion.
  • Induction of labour.
  • Natural induction.
  • Birth companion questions.
  • Health professionals.
  • Onset of labour.
  • Relaxation scripts.

Session 4:

  • Different birth settings.
  • Father's role.
  • Alternative analgesia.
  • Communication with professionals.
  • Stages of labour.
  • Birth preference list preperation.
  • Relaxation scripts.

Email info@therealbirthguide to book your place today!