Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations with Rocci (Basic)

Sun Salutations with Natasha (Advanced)

For those of you wishing to continue practicing over the summer break, here is a video guide for the short Sun Salutation routine. 

Video one is a basic level routine which moves from a back bend, forward bend, lunge, downward facing dog, cobra and then reversed back to the beginning. The routine is then repeated using the opposite side of the body.

Video two (Natasha) is a more advanced routine where the main difference is the addition of the plank and upward facing dog which make it a stronger stretch and a slightly harder routine. 

With both routines, you can go at your own pace. Pause in the positions if you have time, or work through them quicker for a more brisk salutation. Remember to breathe! The rule of thumb concerning breathing in yoga is to breath in on the backward bends and breathe out on the forward bends.

As with all exercise, be sure to check with your doctor before beginning if you are unsure of any health issues.